Fast Track Africa: Lubumbashi

Lubumbashi is the second largest City of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and capital of the mineral rich Katanga Province. It is situated 180 kms northwest of Ndola, Zambia and 120 kms from the Zambian Border. Lubumbashi is named after a small local river. Katanga province is mined for copper, cobalt, zinc, cadmium, germanium, tin, manganese, and coal. Most international mining companies:

  • Anvil Mining
  • Boss Mining (a ENRC Company)
  • Comide (a ENRC Company)
  • Ruashi Mining (METOREX Group)
  • Kamoto Copper Company (Katanga Mining)
  • Tenke Fungurume Mining
  • Anglo American

- operating in Katanga are headquartered in Lubumbashi. Other industries include printing, brewing and milling.

Lubumbashi is serviced by Luano International Airport.

Fast Track Africa: DRC Money

The local currency is the Congolese Franc. The Franc cannot be converted or taken out of the country. It is often easier to use US dollars. Credit cards are accepted at Grand Karavia Hotel, a Lonrho Hotel.

Fast Track Africa: DRC Health & Safety

Malaria is a real risk throughout DRC. However through the use of air-conditioning and spraying we attempt to considerably reduce the risk when you’re staying at a Lonrho Hotel. The risk is early evening and at sunset when the female mosquitoes are most likely to bite, so either stay in-doors at these times or when you go out ensure you cover-up skin as much as possible and ideally take an anti-malarial tablet as instructed – malaria is the biggest killer in Africa today. If you are travelling through a malarial area you will need to take the necessary anti-malarial pills.

On arrival you will also need to present a Yellow Fever Vaccination card when you arrive at Passport control. Visit an approved Travel Clinic before departing to ensure all your inoculations are up to date.

DRC has had a colourful history and democracy is still very new, as such its important to respect people’s sensitivities by avoiding taking photos in public places – especially of the river, government buildings and the airport and treat Officials with due respect.

Fast Track Africa: Lubumbashi Visas

All visitors require a valid visa prior to arrival. Suggest consult your local DRC Consulate or visit a visa agency web site such as to access information and the necessary forms. The process can take over a week, so please plan your trip accordingly.

Fast Track Africa: Lubumbashi Climate

Lubumbashi’s tempatures are at the highest from December to February when temperatures can exceed 40 degrees and the air becomes very dusty.

Rainy Season:

  • Start: Mid October
  • End: End-March or Mid April
  • Highest temperature: 29 º Celsius
  • Lowest temperature: 20 º Celsius
  • No dust at all. Strong winds occur sometimes with storms.

Dry Season

  • Start: End April
  • End: Mid October
  • Highest temperature: 23 º Celsius
  • Lowest temperature: 8 º Celsius (very rarely lower than that)
  • Strong winds in August/September with dust.

Fast Track Africa: Getting there and getting about

Luano International Airport is Lubumbashi international gateway and is approximately twenty minute transfer to the Grand Karavia Hotel. To expedite immigration and customs clearance, visitors to Lubumbashi are recommended to request the hotel’s protocol service which does incur an additional US$50 charge, but it does ensure any delay at the airport is minimised. Please click on the link  to reserve this service.