Fast Track Africa: Maputo

Maputo is situated on the shore of the Indian Ocean and is a melting pot of peoples and cultures.

Founded as a port town by the Portuguese, Maputo has been influenced by travellers and traders from Africa, Asia and Europe. It is known for its sidewalk cafés, lively nightlife and beachside restaurants – where visitors can sample a caipirinha (sugar-cane based brandy, lime, sugar and ice) and delicious peri-peri prawns!  Visitors to the city can enjoy the bustling local market, the famous old fort and the many architectural and historical landmarks. 

Fast Track Africa: Maputo Money

There are 24hour ATMs all over the city that accept Visa credit and debit cards. Currency is Metical Nova familia;US$1=Mtc 25. You can change US dollars cash at most banks and South African Rands are widely accepted in southern Mozambique. Millennium is the largest local bank and both Barclays and Standard Bank have a branch network within the country.

Fast Track Africa: Maputo Health & Safety

Mozambique is generally safe with the main risk being thefts and robberies.

Malaria is a real risk in many parts of the continent, however through the use of air-conditioning and spraying we attempt to considerably reduce the risk when you’re staying at a Lonrho Hotel. The risk is early evening and at sunset when the female mosquitoes are most likely to bite, so either stay in-doors at these times or when you go out ensure you cover-up skin as much as possible and ideally take anti-malarial tablet as instructed.  It is important to know that malaria remains the biggest killer in Africa today so please take the necessary precautions.

Fast Track Africa: Maputo Visas

Visas are required by everyone except citizens of South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Botswana. Visas can be purchased on arrival as long as your passport has longer than six months until it expires and has a spare page you will be expected to pay with US dollars.

Fast Track Africa: Maputo Climate

The best time to visit Mozambique is from May/June to November when the climate is a little cooler and dry. Temperatures average between 24˚C and 27˚C with temperatures exceeding 30˚C in December/January in some areas.

Fast Track Africa: Getting there and getting around

The Maputo International Airport is an approximately 15 minute transfer from Hotel Cardoso.

Transfers from the airport need be pre-arranged with the Cardoso Hotel Reception a minimum of one day prior to arrival.

There are a few international carriers that fly into Mozambique, including the LAM airline and South African Airways and direct flights operate to Europe from Lisbon (LIS) by TAP Portugal. Check with your travel agent for more information.