Fast Track Africa: Leopard Rock & Championship Course

The Bvumba Mountains or Vumba Mountains lie on the Zimbabwe-Mozambique border about 25km south of one of the main cities in Zimbabwe, Mutare. These mountains are referred to as the “Mountains of Mist” taken from the Shona word “Bvumba” meaning “mist”. Visitors to the area can explore the surrounding countryside with its forests and rare flora and fauna, visit the Botanical Gardens with one of the best views in Africa, play golf or enjoy tasting the home grown coffee at one of the various coffee shops, and restaurants in the areas. This area is highly regarded by ornitholigists.

Fast Track Africa: Zimbabwe Money

US$ and South African Rand are accepted throughout the country, however US$ is a dominant local currency.

ATMs are placed throughout the country, however these are not considered an economic option. You can change notes and Travellers Cheques at most of the banks.

Currencies and travellers cheques may be changed at most banks, and at the hotel. VISA credit and debit cards are also accepted at the Leopard Rock as a Lonrho Hotel.

Fast Track Africa: Zimbabwe Health and Safety

Generally Zimbabwe is a safe place to travel, but there is occasional petty crime, so travellers need to stay alert.

There is no malaria in the Eastern Highlands of the country where Leopard Rock is located.  However, it is important to note that when travelling throughout Zimbabwe there are areas where malaria is prevalent.   The risk is early evening and at sunset when the female mosquitoes are most likely to bite, so either stay in-doors at these times or when you go out ensure you cover-up skin as much as possible and ideally take a anti-malarial tablet as instructed – malaria is the biggest killer in Africa today. If you are travelling through a malarial area you will need to take the necessary anti-malarial pills.


Fast Track Africa: Visas

Visas are required by nationals of all countries apart from South Africans and Ghanaians. Please consult (ASK FUNGIA FOR CONFIRMATION OF A RELIABLE WEB SITE) to ensure you bring sufficient US dollars to pay on arrival, please ensure you have a spare page and the passport is more than six months from expiry.

Fast Track Africa: Leopard Rock Climate

Zimbabwe has a beautiful and moderate climate. Temperatures are never extreme. It is slightly cooler in the Eastern Highlands of the country where Leopard Rock is located and given its mountain location we recommend you pack a jumper for the evenings and a rain proof just in case the clouds come in.

Fast Track Africa: Getting there and getting around

Airlines flying into Harare have dramatically reduced in recent years. Only SAA Express, South African Airways (SAA) and Ethiopian maintain a regular service. However via either SAA Express or SAA you can connect via OR Tambo to most international destinations.

Transfers to Leopard Rock need be arranged at least one day prior to arrival and the journey can take over three hours. There is an airstrip in Mutare where chartered aircraft can land and transfers can be organised.